We Like LA

“Summer never lasts. The vibrance, abandon and heat all disappear, making way for insular, insulation-blessed pursuits. This is part of the polyphonic inspiration behind Poolside, an abstract painting show that captures the fleeting, sugary joy of the season in a multi-room, immersive gallery experience.”



“In a city with such a rich print history it’s pretty mind blowing that there isn’t a more comprehensive network of open access print shops - but Print Shop is basically flying that flag solo. We had previously visited Heavy Gel and were excited to experience this bigger, more expansive iteration of their print mission.”

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The printcast

“Print Shop LA comes on the pod to talk about how their studio functions as a community print space and as the home of their respective businesses.”



“Last June, Miller, Caitlin (Heavy Gel), and artists Sean Hernandez (Press Friends) and Dave Kloc, joined forces to launch the Print Shop L.A. on Chung King Court. The four artists are stylistically different but they’re united in a mission to create a space where artists have access to print-making tools and where the general public can learn how to do it as well.”